Alexey Frandetti. Personal note…

We all love a fresh start. We quit smoking on Mondays, we promise ourselves to start going to the gym or to at least start jogging in the morning on the first of February (March, May, November…), or to finally go through all the wine bottles piled up on the porch tomorrow morning, and so on…

This site, in a way, is also an attempt at a fresh start, to turn things around 360 degrees, to head in a different direction – new and unknown. To take a road that always lay somewhere nearby, sometimes very close, but was always a different path.

This site isn’t devoted to Aleksey Frandetti the actor in theatre or on film sets (and this is why there are so little portraits or pictures of the hero on the horse, victorious over an entire regiment of enemies), but to Aleksey Frandetti the director and to my work on the other side of the stage or camera.

I’ll be honest with you. I always thought that one day, possibly in about, say, a hundred years, I would get into the director’s chair or at least try out the next seat over, but life had other plans for me. This was a rare circumstance, in which I just allowed myself to be swept up by the current, only seldomly rowing just a bit, just to not get tangled in the mire. But my current was wise and pure. Or were all those people, the ones who came into my life in the very beginning of my directoral path wise and pure?

Whether it’s Kirill Serebrennikov, who intercepted my first wild goose chase and whose initial idea it was to not have me play in “Spring Awakening the Musical” but rather to stage it; or the founder of and my first teacher at the Tashkent theatre “Ilkhom” – Mark Weil, to whom I appeal in my thoughts and ask for advice when I’m coming up with a new play; or my friend Evgeny Pisarev, who brought me to Pushkin Theatre some time ago as an actor, and then later already as a director; or my great co-authors, friends and designers Timofey Ryabushinsky, Victoria Sevryukova, Anastasia Bugaeva and Ivan Vinogradov. All these and many others help me create a new reality, the reality of MUSICAL THEATRE that I am hopelessly in love with.


  • 3 Awards for «Bernarda Alba»

    Sverdlovskiy Theatre contest and Bravo Festival has just awarded our «Bernarda Alba» with 3 awards: «Best musical», «Best set design in a musical», «Best work of the conductor in a musical». Extremely grateful to the wonderful Sverdlovsk Musical Comedy theatre, to all the co-authors and co-creators and to my Jedi leading ladies’ team! This autumn…

  • Sweeney Todd reviews

    Maniac on stage: the musical «Sweeney Todd» at the Taganka Theater The Moscow legendary Taganka made a very extravagant move: here put probably the most strange and bloody Broadway musical «Sweeney Todd», familiar to Russian viewers for the same film Burton with johnny Depp in the title role. Taganka, of course, is known for his…

  • Lovestory the musical opened in Moscow

    19 and 20 November ZIL KC hosted the Moscow premiere of the «Love Story» musical, that opened 3 years ago in Vladikavkaz. Alexey Frandetti speaks about the first Moscow shows: «Waiting for the premiere of the «Love Story» musical to happen in Moscow was a long one. For three years after we made a series…

  • Travels to Moscow — by Peter Ekstrom

    Article by Peter Ekstrom Source: Breaking Character Magazine, Samuel French, Inc. Moscow? Moscow, Russia? You’ve got to be kidding! That was my reaction when Samuel French called in the spring of 2014 for author’s approval to a foreign production of my musical, An. O. Henry Christmas at The Moscow State Theater Pushkin. Now you must…

  • Tulips in the Desert

    Article by Alexei Frandetti Source: Breaking Character Magazine, Samuel French, Inc. Have you ever tried to plant tulips in the Sahara desert, drain an ocean, or fly into outer space on a broom, like the Wicked Witch of the West? All of these things are very similar to an attempt to stage a new musical…

  • Golden Masks for «O Henry Christmas»

    Its the great news-  «O Henry Chrismas» the musical is nominated for 6 (!!!) nominees for the main russian theatre award — «Golden Mask» In our list nominations for the Best musical Best Director Best costumes Best det design Best performance by an actress in a leading role in a musical (Anna Karmakova) Best performance…

  • From scratch.

    It’s always hard to change. It seems like you’ve already gotten used to everything and you’re quite pleased with the way things are. But changes are necessary; otherwise there’s no growth, and without growth comes degradation and mutants eat your brain while waving jedi swords. Sorry, got carried away. Speaking of change, I mean the…

  • Moscow Broadway. Alley of the Stars.

    My friends, on September 6, on the day of our city’s birthday, I have the honor of inviting you all to Pushkin Square, by the Rossiya Theatre at 7 P.M. there will be a gala concert to celebrate the dedication of the Alley of the Stars of Musicals in Moscow. All the best musicals from…






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